Day one and I am up nice and early for breakfast, rushing out with my parents to devour some pancakes and then back to my room to set up the camera. We met at the dive huts and set up our gear which had been laid out by the dive guides. After kitting up and getting our wetsuits on we met around one of the two briefing tables where we assigned our dive guides. They usually liked to have one guide between two but we got two between three as we were a buddy three.

A really key point is that you need a guide for this Lembeh, unless you have insanely keen eyes that can pick out creatures that you have never seen before that can range from the size of a drinks mat down to as small as a match head (and that’s not an exaggeration).

After the briefing, we head to one of the boats that would ferry us to and from the site. At the site, we rolled backwards into an underwater world like none I had ever been in. Normally I dived in locations full of vibrant coral and life but at first glance Lembeh was a barren grey wasteland. However, after a short while your eyes start to adjust and you notice the small clumps of soft corals marooned in this volcanic grey wasteland. The guides rushed into work finding the awe-inspiring species that make this land home.

Below are some of the species we found on the first few dives; More photos can be found in my Indonesian Marine Life Gallery.

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